Why should we shop independent?

Why should we shop independent?

The push to shop local / shop independent can be seen everywhere even big corps like American Express are doing their bit to spread that message but why should we? Why should we not just hit up Amazon after all they offer NDD?

For Flavour Like Fancy, like the majority of small business  owners the answer pretty much lies within one word. 'Quality',  of service, of goods of experience, of ingredients, of everything! 

We personally curate all the products featured online and within our shops and while we don't consciously buy into trends we buy into people, we do so with the aim of bringing you goods which are uniquely better, longer lasting and transparent in their origins, which is something that the big marketplaces cannot effectively provide. Yes they have the google ad's on lock and are able to offer promotions at every turn but do they care and value their customers? is their product offering genuinely exciting? Or is it just that little bit more convenient. These are just some of the questions we've asked ourselves in the past and honestly it's what pushed us to not only support local makers personally but also set up our colourful gift shop. :)

Next time you find yourself out and about looking for a gift or a spot of lunch why not seek out that independent you may find the experience to be greatly rewarding and cute!


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