The death of the static instagram image

The death of the static instagram image

The move from static instagram posts to the only way is tiktokogram has been a slow burning reality for many content creators. Over the last year  it's become harder to make an image-only post gain the same level of engagement as witnessed from reels and honestly it sucks! This poses a problem for makers because promoting yourself or showing off a new product is effectively a timely production, meaning you spend longer on the app (which btw provides amazing stats for Meta's advertisers) and it can contribute to increased anxiety as being camera ready isn't always possible.

Fear not, all is not lost as there are ways to make using reels work for you without completely compromising who you are or taking a dance class! Below we've provided a few tips from our reel journey which may make things a bit easier: 

1. Keep it simple try not to overcomplicate your content keep the message short and sweet - Not every detail needs to be spelled out.

2. Show your personality, why have you created this product have fun with it.

3. Don't go crazy on the effects it's a rabbit hole!

4. Explore text to speak or voiceovers as a nice way of getting a bit of you across without having to show your face!

5. Save as you go! Occasionally the app crashes and you can loose your edits.


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