Fes-teve and Go Fig-ure
Seasonal Wax Melts
Seasonal Wax Melts
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Seasonal Wax Melts

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Fes-teve - embodies all the festivities.Orange, clove, cinnamon and the biscuity hints of vanilla.

Go Fig-ure - Gorgeous tones of wild fig combine with cassis for a slightly fruity but botanical feel. Think winter wonderland in a forest.

All of our wax melts are made using soy wax and  blended using a mix of essential oils and fragrance oils. Our Fes-teve brings all the joy of christmas into your room with notes of orange, clove, and the biscuity warmth of vanilla.Wax melts are a gorgeous alternative to candles requiring the use of an oil burner/ wax burner.

Simply light and place a tealight inside the oil burner, snap off a few bars from the wax melt and placing inside the bowl, then enjoy the gentle but pleasant aroma of the wax melt filling the air for a burn time of 2 - 3 hours.

Once the scent has dissipated either pour out the wax or wait for the wax to harden and scoop out and throw away. Alternatively the wax can be re-used to create hand pressed wax stamps for letters.

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