Create your own  bespoke wax melt scent
Create your own  bespoke wax melt scent
Create your own  bespoke wax melt scent
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Create your own bespoke wax melt scent

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At FLF we love creating wax melts and with the festive season here, we figured it's time to share that passion with you! So we are giving you the opportunity to create your very own wax melt.

Using our range of essential oils and fragrance oils blended with our fav soy wax Golden wax 494, we'll blend and create you a bespoke scent, the perfect gift for that special someone!

After placing your order drop us a message in our online chat or email us at letting us know what scents the person likes and doesn't like and we'll do the rest!

You'll receive X2 wax melts and even get to name them!

Please note all scents are non-refundable.


A bit about wax melts

Wax melts are a gorgeous alternative to candles requiring the use of an oil burner/ wax burner.

Simply light and place a tealight inside the oil burner, snap off a few bars from the wax melt and placing inside the bowl, then enjoy the gentle but pleasant aroma of the wax melt filling the air for a burn time of 2 - 3 hours.

Once the scent has dissipated either pour out the wax or wait for the wax to harden and scoop out and throw away. Alternatively the wax can be re-used to create hand pressed wax stamps for letters.

All of our wax melts are made using our unique blend.

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