Meet The Makers

Meet the colour loving, imaginative folk who enable our gift shop to exist. They are all beautiful people who quite frankly have a lot of nerve! That is to be different! Changing the gifting industry for the very best, one awesome make at a time.  


Meet the team behind Aloe Earrings

Aloe Earrings

Meet Chloe and Alice the lovely duo behind jewellery brand Aloe Earrings. They make fun and colourful dangles using a mix of materials from resin and polymer clay put together with a mix of gold and silver and finings. Their versatility is amazing and were pretty sure there is something in there for everyone!

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Meet Donna from All Ears UK

All Ears UK

Vibrant with all the colour and all the joy, is the exact feeling of wearing a pair of All Ears jewellery. but why take our word for it find out for yourself.

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Meet Clare from Clare Paul Ceramics

Clare Paul Ceramics

Clare created gorgeous small batch ceramic homewares, wonderfully unique colourful and and occasionally containing meaningful markings.

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